“Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Products” went into effect on April 1st, 2001. The law was enacted in order to ensure financial products agencies to conduct sales promotions appropriately protecting customers and to contribute to sound development of national economy.

The details are as follows,
1.Financial products agencies shall establish and disclose sales procedure of financial products.
2.It is mandatory to explain important factors at promoting sales of financial products.

We hereby state that we will conduct appropriately sales promotion of financial products such as real estate fund to our customers in accordance with the below sales promotion policy statement.

Promotion Policy

  1. We will provide appropriate advice based on an understanding of investment purpose, management knowledge and experience of customers trying to gain always their trust.
  2. We will explain important factors to our customers in an easy-to-understand manner so that they can sufficiently understand it and besides, provide sufficient and accurate explanation on product specification and risk suitable for their knowledge, experience, and financial status, so that they can make investment decision on their own judgment and responsibility.
  3. We will provide appropriate information to ensure that no misunderstanding may occur.
  4. We will respond to customer inquiries promptly and appropriately.
  5. We will not conduct promotion based on definitive claims without sufficient grounds.
  6. Promotions by phone calls or visits will always be conducted at customers’ convenience.
  7. Trainings for appropriate promotion will be given to all staffs.