GCM as financial instruments business operator shall establish compliance system and comply with the policy to conduct our business in compliance with the laws and acting upon ethics.

We always put our first priority on “trust” from clients and society through business activity based on our principle of fairness, impartiality, and transparency. We establish the basic principle and code of conduct, comply with them as operational basis and create our corporate culture with fairness and faithfulness to act upon our management philosophy.

Establishing Confidence

We acknowledge the importance of social responsibility and mission, manage data protection securely, comply with the rules on the timely disclosure of corporate information and establish strong confidence through transparent and appropriate management.

Customer-First Management

We aim to provide financial service that best fits customers’ requirements in order to obtain their satisfaction and trust based on our customer-first management and thorough communication with them.

Full Compliance with Rules and Regulations

We strictly comply with all applicable regulations and rules, act in accordance with social norms, conduct our business fairly and faithfully, and respect international standards as global financial consulting firm.

Respecting Human Rights and Natural Environment

We respect individual personality and characteristics and at the same time put high importance on environmental protection as common asset of humankind and maintain harmony with the society.

Confrontation with Anti-Social Forces

We take a resolute attitude toward Anti-Social Forces that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society.
We will declare “Basic Policy against Anti-Social Forces”, to avoid damage caused by groups or individuals pursuing the economic benefit using violence, forces and a fraudulent technique (so called Anti-Social Forces), as follows;

1. We will not have any relationship with Anti-Social Forces
2. We will respond organically and properly in close cooperation with outside specialized organization such as the police, the National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations and lawyers, to avoid damage caused by Anti-Social Forces.
3. We will reject any unfair demand by Anti-Social Forces and take legal measures resolutely.
4. We will never provide any illegal financing to Anti-Social Forces, nor negotiate backdoors deals.
5. We will secure the safety of the executives and regular employees who respond to the unfair demand by Anti-Social Forces.